Client Comments

"Our new home is everything we had hoped. The biggest problem was the weather. Thanks Grant and Crystal for making building it a good memory"

- James & Chrystal Folse


Bridge Pointe

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Find Location

  •  Review Setbacks, Easements, Topography (slopes), Views and the Sun's Exposure
  •  Your Relationship to other houses in the area/neighborhood including HOA's
  •  Driveway, Well/Septic Tank Location or Distances for utility lines with municipal services

Pick a Plan

  • Determine your budget
  • Think about your lifestyle
  • Assess your needs and desires
  • Evaluate the building location
  • Review the Floor Plans and Elevations (but remember you will also need at least a Foundation Plan and Windstorm Certification)

Obtain Financing

  • Determine how much you can (want to?) spend
  • Establish square foot costs in your area and get Preliminary Bids
  • Make sure you consider at least these four items: principal, interest, taxes and insurance
  • Adjust square footage, extras, and upgrades to meet your spending limit
  • Obtain Your Credit Information
  • Gather Key Documents required by Lenders
  • Sit down with your Mortgage Specialist and Pre-Qualify

Get and Compare Bids

  • Compare allowances: Get the most out of your bid
  • Do not choose a builder solely based on a preliminary price
  • Be cautious of comparing only bottom line prices
  • Level set the bids to compare equally as best as you can

Pick a Contractor

  • Adjust Allowances as needed
  • Revise specs to align with your requirements
  • Get a revised formal bid to provide the Lender